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Touch Screen Kiosk for Furniture Stores and Manufactures by vFurnish

Integrating the vFurnish interactive touch screen kiosk into a Furniture Store offers retailers and manufacturers tremendous benefits.

Furniture Stores can maximize monthly sales with expanded merchandise offerings while understanding what products they should carry in-store through the touch screen kiosks Business Intelligence—giving them opportunities to optimize their sales floor for maximum sales like never before. At the same time, they are giving shoppers a modern interactive experience.

Our touch screen kiosk also allows manufacturers access to previously unattainable information on the store's customer journey. Furniture manufacturers are more in tune with customer sales trends, allowing them to target their offerings better. They can expand merchandise to everything available for purchase, keeping their fingers on the pulse of consumer behavior to driving more sales.

Are you ready to provide an innovative shopping experience for your customers while taking advantage of cutting-edge technology benefits?

Let's take a look at a couple of those benefits.

The 3D 360 Viewer – Customers get a detailed, 3-dimensional look at furniture before buying. By their fingers, customers can expand their view or spin the merchandise for a view from all angles. The touch screen  kiosk 3D viewer gives customers a chance to look over every detail before purchasing.

3D Draping Technology: Furniture models often come with a variety of choices. The 3D draping feature on our touch screen kiosk allows customers to review color and fabric options to find what's right for them.

Furniture Configuration Options: The configurator allows customers to build their custom furniture from available manufacturer options. Customers can click and drag parts they want into a workspace using an interactive touch screen, creating the perfect sectional.

Business Intelligence Analytics: Our touch screen kiosk allows Home Furnishing stores and manufacturers to analyze customer journeys in previously unavailable ways. Retailers could adjust inventory on their sales floor, matching popularly searched and purchased items. They will be ahead of the curve on trends by understanding what people in the store's geographical region are looking to purchase.

Merge Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales – Touch screen kiosk offers immediate answers to customer questions.

  • They allow customers access to entire lines of inventory.
  • They can display special offers, discounts, and other important marketing content.
  • Touch Screen Kiosks are more likely to improve your walk-in conversions on busy days.

In short, touch screen kiosks handle the heavy lifting in the sales process.

Maximize Your Revenue Potential

Here's the question: If you had the opportunity to use technology in a way that will maximize your revenue, create a stronger bond with customers, and ultimately improve your business, would you do it?

When you offer a limitless furniture selection in the convenience of a digital format, sales opportunities only increase.

Improve Your ROI with touch screen kiosks

Innovative Technology in Your Showroom: Your customers are using technology in other aspects of their lives. Smartphones, tablets, and other in-home technology has enhanced all facets of their lives. When you bring this caliber of technology onto the showroom floor, you're enhancing your customer's experience in a way they've already shown they love and appreciate.

Inventory and Warehousing Costs: It's no secret that furniture is bulky and storage presents inventory restrictions, affecting your revenue. The vFurnish touch screen kiosk immediately helps you recognize best sellers so that you can make them readily accessible in-store. You can maximize your storage space while never worrying about missing a sale. You also profit from the sale of furniture shipped straight from a manufacturer and never spending a day in your store.

Blend Online Research with Sales Associate Expertise – Customers begin the purchasing journey online. They research furniture that they want to bring into their home. The vFurnish in-store touch screen kiosk allows them to see their options immediately. They can learn what a piece might look like in their home through immersive augmented reality.

Create More Meaningful Interactions with the Customer – The vFurnish in-store touch screen kiosks create an opportunity to improve interactions you hold with each customer. A salesperson can help a customer determine what couch, table, or dresser fits best into their home. An endless inventory potential opens doors for more customer interactions.

More Options Equal More Sales: Your customers are already accustomed to boundless inventory opportunities online. An in-store touch screen kiosk allows them to see all their furniture-purchasing options in one place. When your customers can view complete manufacturer lines, prospects for sales only increase.

Combine Your Digital Marketing with In-Store Campaigns – Digital marketing begins with your website, social media, and email campaigns, but it doesn't end there. With a vFurnish touch screen kiosk, you can incorporate your marketing messages into the in-store customer experience. Offering you new ways to blend your marketing, enhance customer experiences, and complete more sales.

Standard Touch Screen Kiosk Capabilities

The vFurnish touch screen kiosk are entirely customizable. Please talk with us about the product features that make sense for your location, and our experienced developers will accommodate your needs.

  • Catalog CMS
    • Product Spec sheet
    • Product Description
    • Product Details
    • Product Options
  • Inventory management
  • Filters
  • Print function
    • Print Spec Sheet
    • Print Wish list
  • MRP and MSRP Pricing on the touch screen​ kiosk
  • Pricing configuration
    • Pricing details
    • Pricing discounts
  • Wish list
    • Frame quantity configuration
    • Print wish list
    • Email wish list
    • Email Spec Sheet
    • Edit product quantity configuration
    • Product pricing in wish list
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment gateway
  • Analytics
  • Quickbooks and 3rd party integrations
  • 3D 360 Spin Viewer
  • 3D Draping for cover (fabric and leather) as well as finishes
  • 2D or 3D Configurator
  • VR 360 3D Showroom
  • Room planner
  • Room concepts
  • Cover details and composition
  • Cover filters based on colors
  • Screensaver for promotions and branding
  • Background music

Is Your Company Ready for the Future of Furniture Sales?

The vFurnish touch screen kiosk is the secret sauce for improving home furnishing sales by allowing both retailers and manufacturers to maximize revenues and improve customer loyalty at the same time.

Our touch screen kiosks are an innovative way for home furnishing stores to stand out from your competition.

If you're ready to take your company into the future, contact us today!​

The vFurnish Touch Screen Kiosk is the secret sauce for improving home furnishing sales by allowing both retailers and manufacturers to maximize revenues and improve customer loyalty at the same time.

Our Touch Screen kiosks are an innovative way for home furnishing stores to stand out from your competition.

If you're ready to take your company into the future, contact us today! 


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